Question Windowed Mode Video Game with second window issue


Sep 7, 2014
Hello Everyone,
I have an issue when in windowed mode of a video game (world of warcraft for example) and I'm multi-tasking with another window with a video active on the internet or even a downloaded video on my drive., the video will lag/pause/choppy once i select the video game window. But the video returns to normal when I select the window (chrome browser) again.

Not sure how to fix this, I had the issue before but not sure how I fixed it. I checked my PC performance for high loads on CPU, RAM and GPU and found no issues.

Windows 10
AMD R9 5900x
64GB RAM 2333h
RTX 3080TI
windows (OS) manage resources on default for active window, nonactive windows (background apps) will have reduced performance
can be changed to not reduce anything on non active windows, this may hurt you gaming experience a bit (depends on how much stuff you run in background), but its okay for multitasking in general

open run windows (on keyboard press window key + R)
type in sysdm.cpl and press enter
click on advanced tab, under performance click on settings, switch to advanced tab there and under processor scheduling switch it to background services

you can also finetune you background apps in windows settings