[SOLVED] windows 10 black screen before login screen

Jan 28, 2019
guys after i've installed my new gpu(rx 560) i randomly get black screen at startup of windows 10.I give you the list in order what i encounter during this process

1-I push the power button of my computer
2-after 2 seconds normally i see bios summary screen(what compenents are being loaded ram,cpu etc.)
3-Windows 10 logo appears with a revolving loading indicator which is a usual start up process every computer with Windows 10 OS

4- At this stage i encounter two state by chance .
4.1- If i am lucky windows login screen loads with walpaper where i am okay with
4-2-If i am not lucky i get just pitch dark screen even though my monitor is still powered on.

If i'm in the stage with the order 4.1 ,i continue using my computer without error
If i'm in the stage with the order 4.2 ,i press restart button at my computer case and for some reason this time my computer gets to login screen with no problem.

My question at the 4.2. what does cause my computer to give black screen?

some information about my pc with the new gpu is loaded.

Radeon settings1:
Radeon settings2:
Hdmi to vga adapter that i use:

The black screen issue could be related to display drivers installed.
If the drivers are corrupted or incorrect drivers were used, the display won't work properly.
Try a different version or perform a clean drivers installation using DDU
Download the latest drivers from AMD.
Uninstall the current drivers in safe mode with DDU, reboot and install the latest drivers.
If that doesn't fix the issue do a restor to a restore point before the problem, and then reinstall the graphics driver again.

If that doesn't help the next stage yould be to do a Windows 10 Repair upgrade using your Windows 10 installation media ( or you can download a Windows 10 ISO).

And if that doesn't fix the issue, do fresh install of Windows 10.