Question windows 10 cpu spike (recently new install)

Aug 10, 2020
hello, i'm just upgrade my windows from 7 to 10. i recenlty (2 days ago) upgrade to win 10 because i want play a certain game only avaliable in win 10.
my spec is :
intel i7 - 4790
motherboard MSI H81M-E33
memory ram corsair 8 GB
Geforce GTX 1060

i already ask this at offcial microsoft win 10 website but their answer didn't help me at all. all their answer is about cleaning my pc and use therma paste but i already done and no effect.

my problem is every time i open a new program/app, it will give a CPU Spike usage around 30%-90%, no matter what the app is.

example : when i just open task manager the CPU usage instanly spiked to 50% - 90% and only a sec or two sec it will goes down to normal 0,3%. if i close it and open it again, it will spike again in instant, its happen to all my program.

example 2: when i'm browsing my HDD or SSD. every time i open or close a folder the "windows explorer" in task manager will get spike too, same around 30% - 90%.

example 3: my google chrome also use a high cpu usage everytime i open or close Tabs. if i'm watching youtube the cpu usage will be stay at 20% or more until i close the youtube tab.

example 4: every game is run smooth but sometime the screen will freeze a second or two second then normal again, this keep happening while i'm playing the game.

this is never happen when i'm still in windows 7. i don't know what to do anymore, please help me.
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

By upgrade, did you reinstall the OS on top of Windows 7 or did you upgrade the OS from the upgrade path? If the latter, might want to recreate the bootable installer using Windows Media Creation Tools and reinstall the OS from scratch.

You might want to state the make and model of your motherboard. What version of BIOS are you currently on?
Aug 10, 2020
yes, it's the latter. i'm following the step from microsoft offcial web so i can save all my file without back up its.

ah i forgot to add my motherboard. my motherboard is MSI h81M-e33, and its already on the latest BIOS. i already check it.

if i'm following your suggestion, do i need to format my SSD ?