[SOLVED] Windows 10 debloater

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Jul 2, 2019
I am not going to argue, with anyone, about their likes and dislikes. I'm a firm believer in, "Chacun à son goût."

But things change, always have always will, and in the world of technology in particular. One must pick one's battles and most often making the choice to adjust is much easier, and it is a choice.

I despised Windows 8/8.1 with a burning passion, so I skipped it on all the machines I have control over save one that came with it, and I converted all to Windows 10 after having done so for one and trialing it for a while because, to me, it merged what very little was good about 8/8.1 with everything familiar from earlier versions of Windows. If you want something that's virtually indistinguishable from Windows 7 in day-to-day use then install either Start10 (paid product, but very inexpensive) or Classic Shell/Open Shell. For myself, I have made the choice, always, to learn the native UI of any OS I am using. I have no desire to force the appearance and behavior of another, but many do.
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yes. i adapt and change as needed. I don't have these silly hangups. that is truly what they are, NONSENSE.

so OP, go do all that stuff on Black Vipers site, and we will see you here with problems down the road because "something isn't working", and then you can scream and holler about how 'bad' Microsoft are....

the idea of 'I didn't ASK for this feature' is immaterial. I have news... IT ISN'T YOUR CHOICE! and if you don't like it, go run ancient Linux and try to be happy with that. Windows is the IP of Microsoft. If you don't like it in their clubhouse, get out--nobody likes complainers. a base install of Winddows 10 is about 14GB, and with tons of drive space and cheap prices, this is no issue at all.

So many hack up their systems and then ask for help with something obscure, and we have NO idea what they did before making solving it a real hassle, many times the only advice one can give is clean install.
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Math Geek

i am working with linux right now myself in an effort to never have to use win 10. i am starting with linux mint which seems pretty close to a windows GUI.

what i am working on for myself is understanding the various app managers, gui's and a couple other options you have to decide on when choosing a distro. mint seems to have a release that caters to each major variant so i figured i'd start there.

once i have it figured out what the different options are and how they differ, pros and cons and so on, then i'll be able to decide what excatly i want to run with.

i'm not a big gamer but i have read that many games can work in linux but that it is very hit or miss. no idea about ray tracing and such so can't comment there. i saw that something called wine
and other similar programs are working to bring support for more windows apps/games on linux. but again i am still in the early days of learning what it all means.

i can second that the classicshell is a pretty good alternative to the win 10 start menu. i installed that right away and still use it on a laptop. works well and let's you at least see the win 7 start menu instead of that ugly win 10 one.
education is the key to everything. for most programming and business use, linux is a GREAT option... for doing web services, web sites, java apps/services, python, etc... just can't dev windows apps on it. knowing exactly what you need to be able to do is key to getting just what you want from Linux. I hope it serves you well and you are extremely happy with it.

Then you probably won't need MS at all, and you would be even happier.