Windows 10 Freezes randomly since getting ssd. please help

James McKay

Aug 14, 2014
So my issue started roughly about 4 months ago when I installed a Silicon Power 120GB SSD to my right about 4 months ago. Was having weird lag spikes while on youtube (1-2 second freezes in a video) and some serious rubber banding while gaming. After about 2 weeks I replaced it with a Corsair 240GB SSD hoping it would fix the issue. After Replacing it I still had these lag issues so I figured the WiFi dongle i was using was bottlenecking. So over the last 3 months I have tried 3 PCI-E Wifi cards and still ran into the same issues. I decided to try a USB 3.0 AC WiFi dongle and it helped with the rubberbanding in game but unfortunately it has yet to fix the random lag I've been getting on chrome while loading in pages and other media. Something else also, when I'm getting these lag spikes on chrome and other web related things my entire system will be unresponsive for the 1-2 seconds. Prior to all of this my performance was perfectly fine on my HDD but I dont know how 2 different ssds could be related to the same problem.

Here is my System's Specs.

AMD FX6350 Processor
MSI 970 Gaming Mobo
8GB of DDR3 Kingston HyperX Fury RAM
Netgear A6210 USB 3.0 WiFi dongle
WD 1TB 7200rpm HDD
Corsair 240gb SSD

Also I have watched my Task Manager during the spikes and my nothing on my system maxes out. Nothing on my system ever hits 100% during the spikes. Let me know which error logs I might need to pull. Not sure where to start so any and all help is appreciated. Also during the course of me typing this out over the last 30 mins I believed chrome froze 15 times.

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