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Apr 10, 2016
Hi everyone,

I've been wasting time deploying machines at work, I am looking for a bit of input regarding the way I approach this, and if anyone could share their experience. I know that this is a reach, but someone might have experience with this without have to pay for Azure image deployment.

In the past, I built a Windows 10 image with all of the software installed, deployed the image, activated windows 10 license, changed machine name and user name, spent some time giving appropriate access to this new user in a dedicated windows 10 pro machine used as a file server, and remote access station (This fulfilled our needs, we had the license already, and saved time and money from buying and managing Windows Server and VMs).

Now, we've transitioned to O365 online with sharepoint, so giving access to groups has never been easier. However, the windows deployment side of things is a bit more complicated as the new user isn't local, its using the Azure Online User profile. When creating this user on the machine, some installed software (that were on my image) are no longer available as I <ADD> a new user (that isn't local), I have to copy my folder structure back, configure OneDrive, then sync Sharepoint Libraries, etc.

Would there be a way to have both of both worlds where my locally configured image keeps the links to my local file server (that we still need to use due to ancient access 97 apps that do not work online), as well as configure the new user.

Put simply, just like old times, I'd be nice to simply change the user account, change O365 user and BAM(just like I did when it was a local user). But being an online account, it seems to create a blank user every time, making my images worthless.

Thanks for any input, tips and tricks! Have a good one!


Sep 20, 2010
Not sure if you found an answer to your question.
Azure image deployment, do you mean Intune and Autopilot?
Are you creating an a local image and and account but then sign in with a Microsoft account? If you have an image configured on the device with a local user they just need to sign in to Office to get the access to O365, you dont need to sign in with a Microsoft account.
How many users do you have?
Depending on your O365 subscription you can use Intune MDM and Windows Autopilot, you dont need to build images just enroll new devices and push applications through Intune, you can also create a script in Intune to map network shares.
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