Question Windows 10 / Microsoft account for new build

Sep 25, 2020
I'm building a new computer this weekend.

On old laptop I am still running Windows 8.1 and have to sign on each day to a Windows account.

I do not wish to have a Microsoft account on the New PC Build.

I bought a new version of Windows 10 and wish to install it on the new PC, but not with a Microsoft account ( I want at least some anonymity).

I also regularly clone my laptop data using Macrium Reflect and an external drive.

Questions are:

Can I transfer my datafiles and installed programs, (Outlook, Excel etc) from my laptop cloned drive to my new PC build?

If I transfer the data from the cloned drive, will the windows 8.1 transfer also ( over newly installed windows 10)?

If I transfer the data from the cloned drive will my Microsoft account transfer to the new machine, forcing me to have to sign in every time I start my new machine?

How can I ensure a transfer of just the programs and data to the new machine?

Thanks in advance.

Math Geek

when installing win 10 it is easy to avoid the MS account.

when it gets to that page it acts like you have no choice but to use a ms account. but at the bottom is an option to "log in with a domain" or something like that. select that option and it just asks for a normal user name and avoids a ms account for log in.

but as noted above, you WILL have to reinstall programs but the data can be backed up and moved to the new machine. no way around it!!