Question Windows 10 refusing to power-off PC unit after OS shutdown. Need Help.


May 23, 2017
Hello! Recently I got into weird problem. Decided install a fresh Windows 10 OS, instead of Windows 7 what been used for almost decade.
Installation was perfectly smooth and flawless. OS immediately started running, got fully updated, with no sign of any problem, till I tried to shutdown Windows and unit regular way, using Start/Power/Shut Down. It shutdown Windows 10 almost instantly, screen turned off completely black, but PC unit.. It physically still powered on, all lights on, all fans (CPU, GPU, PSU) still up and running. Only way to turn it off, was a press power button on PC case. Same scenario on Sleep, screen turned black, but unit still powered with running fans and no blinking state. It not responsive on wake-up call by keyboard or mice and again need to press power button on computer case to turn it off, before start rebooting it again. Only Restart work properly and because, I believe, it no need to turn power off completely on PC unit. Please any advice if any exists where to look. I'm out of ideas where to dig a solution. Install/reinstall not help. Using older version Win10 not help. Problem still exist. Same with different graphic drivers. Unchecking Turn on fast start up, not help. Using Lock screen power option not help, SFC scan not help, CMD input shutdown /s /f /t 0 et cetera not help. BIOS has a last possible version, it pretty old motherboard, but Windows 7 amazingly run on this motherboard whiteout any problem with powering on/off.
Is there compatibility issue with motherboard itself? Building new unit from scratch not possible right now due to financial matter. Or get back to Windows 7? As I repeat installation of Windows 10, booting and runs it after, was absolutely flawless, but annoying issue with turning it off.
Please! Any hep will greatly appreciated.

Acer Predator G3600
System ManufacturerAcer
System ModelPredator G3600
System TypeWorkstation
Motherboard ManufacturerAcer
Motherboard ProductPredator G3600
BIOS VersionP01-A3
SMBIOS Version2.6

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)
OS Build10.0.18363
Intel® Core™ i5-2300 CPU @ 2.80GHz
Crucial MX500 SSD
8GB DDR3 Memory
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