Windows 10 - save dialogue opens on other computer when saving file


Nov 25, 2011
I am trying to help someone else with an odd issue, but have run into a dead-end.
They have 2 HP desktops running Windows 10 on the same local network. Both computers have OneDrive installed and are signed into the same Microsoft OneDrive account so they can share access to the files. When using 'computer 1' to print to PDF in Google Chrome, quite often the save dialogue does not appear, only for it to pop up on 'computer 2', with the default location set as one of the OneDrive folders.
This issue does not occur 100% of the time - occasionally there is no issue, and if 'computer 2' is turned off the dialogue appears on 'computer 1' as it should be.
I've Googled this issue, but not found anything that would be able to help explain what is going on.


Hello stevenvw

Although I am not sure about this, I think you might be getting the dialog box on other computer when you have used it independently and tried using the same PDF to box there. This might happen because the account saves your last location where it opened the dialog box.

Likewise, once you manage to open the box on PC 1, it will continue doing so until you use PC 2 to open the box again.

I may be wrong but according to the description in your post, I guess this might be the issue.

Please let me know if this helps, and feel free to report if you need any further assistance.

Cheers!1 :)