Windows 10 screen automatically switches to minimum size


Apr 17, 2015
Hi, I may be reading an article or just scrolling down homepage (yahoo) and screen just changes to minimum size.
Its so small I can barely make out the maximum size icon but I'll point arrow to top right where max size icon should be and click on it.
This changes it back to maximum size (full screen).
It happens a lot and is kind of annoying.
I'm running windows 10 using Chrome browser.
I just got this lap top and it came with W10.
Is there something I can do to stop this from happening?
I find Windows 10 very sensitive. I'll be reading an article and move mouse unintentually and it will land on a story on side of page and jump right to that story.
I did not even click on it
This is not whats happening with the size issue.
Mouse was nowheres near top right section of page.
Would appreciate any suggestions to my minor problem. Thank you in advance.


The way the text/windows size on your Chrome browser changes is by holding the ctrl button and either scrolling up or down(depending on your mouse if it's inverted) so the issue could be that your ctrl is being depressed while you're scrolling.

Could you also be a little more specific of your laptop's make and model number? Often times an inappropriate driver installation can and will cause the system to become hyper or unresponsive. In the meantime, please disable automatic device driver updates since the update feature tends to offer suggestions for devices with drivers that are not meant to be paired to each other.