Question Windows 10 screw up. Now all drives erased. What do I do?

Jun 21, 2020

I screwed up And I am panicking. I have a new MSI z390 ace motherboard. I have an internal hard drive and a SSD (in the m2.2 slot). I loaded it with windows 10. But windows put part of their recovery drive on my hard drive. I tried to move it to the SSD, but it failed. I accidentally formatted the ssd and now the drive is unallocated. I changed my hard drive to the GTD version or something like that. Now, nothing boots except for bios screen. I tried re-installing windows and it won’t because of an exception. i am not sure where to put this topic. Do i just do a fresh start with my bios? i dont know what to do.

Math Geek

you need to start over. the way to do it is to ONLY have the drive windows is going onto installed. remove the ssd until windows is running and then plug it back in.

you may have to reset the BIOS to undo whatever is causing issues. usually a jumper on the mobo to do this but you may have to check your manual to be sure.

once it will start installing, then make sure to remove the ssd and only put it back once you are looking at the windows desktop!!