WIndows 10 taking forever to load then once loading I get an unfixable critical error for start menu and cortaina


Nov 8, 2011
I went to check my email last night, turned on my PC and the splash screen came up in usual time...quickly. Then I type my password and the little circle thingy keeps just circling and circling. a few minutes go by so I reboot...same thing. Try again and let it go for around 5 minutes...same thing. Then today I just let it go.

It finally loaded after doing the little circle dots dance for 20 minutes only when it does load, it has "critical error windows start menu and cortaina not working" Ive tried the task menu to safe then reboot, it does the same thing, tried the creating another user with the command line stuff...same thing. Nothing @#$%$#ing works.... Im a consultatnt and work primarily from home so this is my livelyhood. Lucky I gave my girl my old pc.

Also, Now when I reboot, my new x99 is screwing up the boot order, or giving me the overclock not working hit F1 to configure. When I go into BIOS I hit F5 to default, save and exit, the pc turns off then on and then just does the same thing takes me back to BIOS where the default looks like it didnt take at all.

I cant know what to make of this. The X99, 5390K setup I had gave me weird boot issues when I first put it together however, after changing where I plugged the SSD , it went away. NOw that issue is back with the horrid forever load times and the start menu error.

Any help would be appreciated. Im a beaten man...sips more zinfandel (the red 15 percent stuff).


Oct 7, 2009
Could we have a full systems specs for your system on which you are experiencing the Windows 10 critical error? Is it an X99 system or another? To add, did you perform an upgrade or a clean Windows 10 installation? If an upgrade which OS were you on prior?

There could be a culmination of a lot of errors causing the issue but lets go about dealing them one at a time ;)

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