Question Windows 10 unable to load after power outage

Jan 12, 2019
So I recently had a terrible storm and my power went out. Both my router and computer got damaged, and they were both connected to the same power strip, and the pc was connected to the router via Ethernet. The router wouldn’t boot so I went and got a new one and it worked just fine. So when my pc boots everything will load until it shows the blue windows icon. Then it will sit there, when usually it would have a spinning dotted circle. Same happens when I tried to do the automatic repair, no spinning circle and nothing will load beyond that. I’ve tried swapping out psus and resetting my computer, but it never seems to do anything when I go to reset, it just goes to the blue windows icon as it usually would, but if I unplug the usb it turns the whole screen light blue. Any help would be appreciated, Thank You in advance.

cherry blossoms

Apr 13, 2016
Anything and everything may be damaged that was hooked to the power or internet line (if physical)

Can you enter BIOS and go through all settings? Any lockups / /odd behavior?
Get into BIOS with everything connected? Disable your Motherboard networking hardware and retry boot.
Get into BIOS and disable any hardware absolutely not necessary to boot (sound, 3rd party usb or 3rd party sata, etc) Test boot.
If integrated graphics, and a dedicated GPU, pull your dedicated video card, and set to run on the integrated graphics. Retry boot
Pull all but one memory stick. Retest. Swap as necessary.
Pull all drives. Reinstall / Retest with a different drive.

CMOS reset, saved for later in case reset circuitry is damaged. Disable any 3rd party /not needed items again after reset.