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Question Windows 10 update issues

Jun 4, 2020
So I was just updating my windows 10 laptop like any other updates, just that this one is hellishly way more tedious. It only got to 1% after 3 hours, which was honestly the slowest windows update for me compared to the others. I decided to let it do its thing while expecting it to be done in around a day or two - Just that after around 6 hours or so it was hovering around 30% - and died.

I didn't mess with the laptop at that time by any means, and I was sure it was charged the whole time updating. No power outbreaks, etc. it just turned off by itself, period. and no this isn't a restart like how windows updates told you that your pc will restart multiple times during updates, it just brought me to a black screen with a text on the bottom saying "Undoing changes made to your computer" after that I decided to read an article about this issue, finding out that this only happens to those who purposely force shutdown their laptops during updates. Knowing this I knew something was fishy since I am 101% SURE the power outlet was working just fine and the laptop is powered right there when it was updating, since Im always almost every time on my laptop during the update.

I may have exaggerated above but I'd like to ask for your help on this matter, my pc is still "undoing changes made to your laptop" and how was it possible for my laptop to just restart when everything was fine. And Thanks for reading through the whole thing.


Win 10 Master
Was the 30% at shutdown as normally updates will do 30% of the process before it restarts, on startup it should install the rest of the update. It does it this way as some files can't be updated while in use.

1% after 3 hours... that sounds broken to me. I would think about a clean install

On another PC, download the Windows 10 media creation tool and use it to make a win 10 installer on USB

I would copy anything off C drive you can't afford to lose
If you can't get into windows now, you can use this to copy data
boot from installer
on screen after languages, choose repair this pc, not install.
choose troubleshoot
choose advanced
choose command prompt
type notepad and press enter
in notepad, select file>open
Use file explorer to copy any files you need to save to USB or hdd

Once you have everything off PC I would clean install
follow this guide: https://forums.tomshardware.com/faq/how-to-do-a-clean-installation-of-windows-10.3170366/