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Question Windows 10 USB flash drive wont work on newly built computer but works fine on other computers

Jul 16, 2021
I just built my first computer and everything is working fine, except that the flash drive (onn brand, 128gb) I put the files I wanted to keep on won't work on the new computer. Immediately after plugging it in it works for a good 30 seconds or so, and then disconnects. Windows puts an error message saying the device has malfunctioned and cant be recognized. I thought it might just be an unfortunate problem with the flash drive itself, so I plugged it into a different computer and got 0 errors for the couple of minutes I had it plugged in. I've also already uninstalled all of the usb drivers, it still doesnt work. The worst part is that its only on this one drive as well, I plugged in a different flash drive and it doesnt disconnect. Any thoughts on how I could fix this?