Windows 2000 and SMP Help



Hi everyone

I need a little help here . I was looking into getting the new AMD-760MP .

What advantages are there with MP with windows 2000 ?

Do any games use SMP in Windows 2000 ?

Is there going to be more support /software apps for MP in the future ?

I want to use the system mostly for games . Does anything think that I am just wasting money on a extra chip ?

If anyone knows anything about SMP or MP with Windows 2000 . Please let me know


PS:: Great site and thanks to anyone who can help me out :)


Dec 31, 2007
yeah, I just got a SMP intel box at work. :-( about the intel, :-D about the SMP. I've found that pretty much ALL apps will use the's a win2k system thing to distribute the load.

I think a SMP system is definitely the way to go. When you're running one app, the diff isn't too pronounced...but when you have an app chugging away doing something that would normally freeze a 1-cpu box, a 2-cpu box just keeps on going.


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