Windows 7 NVIDIA + 4K turn monitor on issue


Sep 16, 2011
I have a machine with the following:

- Windows 7 Ultimate x64
- A mid-ranged NVIDIA graphics card with dual DisplayPort connectors
- 2 Samsung 28" 4K/UHD displays

I am having a particular issue, and not sure if anyone else is experiencing this or has any suggestions.

Whenever the monitors are turned on, or they come back from sleep, all of the non-minimized windows are shrunken and contained in the top left corner of 1 display. In other words, they lose their original size and location.

Any ideas?


Retired Mod
The only solution to this I've encountered, and window resizing is common on other resolutions as well when the handshake is lost by loss of power or sleep, is to not use HDMI or Displayport on one of the monitors. Using a dual DVI port, if you have one, in many cases stops the problem. I'm not 100% positive as to why this works but I believe it has something to do with the handshake between the GPU and the adapter being different between DVI and the other two. Using a VGA output also seems to have the same effect, but of course you can't get the 4K resolution that way.

Do you also have other monitors connected which are at a different resolution?


Nov 5, 2014
I avoid that kind of thing by setting my display to never sleep, same for my pc in power saving options and just turn them off when I want them to be off and if I'm going to sleep, I set my pc to sleep instead of shutdown, so far I don't get any re-size problem for doing it that way. There was another person had the same exact problem as you, but for me is different, mine just split into 3 sections in rows instead of some box in a corner. Then all I had is set auto arrange to fix that, and it's back to normal again. So I don't know what's with the box thing, when my icons and texts are re-sized at smaller DPI, I just log off and log back in and it sets to the DPI you had the PC setting at. So I don't think there is a solution, not that I know of anyways, I just avoid it.