Windows 7 Showing Install On Wrong HDD?


Dec 4, 2008
I recently reinstalled windows 7 after buying new HDD's.

My setup is 2 different raid 0's, one with the windows install and the other just extra storage space. These HDD's were bought to replace the drives that windows was on, which I why I had to reinstall.

After installing and setting up the raid on the new drives, the old storage raid (D: ) became ID 0, and the new raid (C: ) which windows was installed on is ID 1.

When I first reinstalled windows 7, the first thing I noticed was that the storage (D: ) drive was not showing up. Went into disk management and found it was due to windows not assigning it a drive letter for some reason. Changed the DVD drive to E: and set the storage to D: and all was good.

Soon after that I noticed that windows was actually booting from the D: drive despite the fact that windows was installed on C:. If I went into the bios and set C: as the first HDD, I would get an error saying BOOTMGR is missing. I think I remember D: having System and Boot as part of its properties in the disk management page.

I did some lazy research and tried doing a startup repair which didn't fix anything. Then I read somewhere about just disconnecting the other HDD when installing then reconnecting afterwards. Well rather than do that I just disabled the D: drive in the bios and reinstalled windows 7. Although disabling it in the bios didn't actually stop it from showing up as an option to install, this time it looks like everything is booting off of C: as it should be. I have C: as the first hdd and everything boots properly.

Disk mangement now looks like this.

Disk 1 (C: ) Healthy (System, Boot, Page File, Active, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)

Disk 0 (D: ) Healthy (Active, Primary Partition)

So as far as I can tell everything looks correct.

However, if I go into repair, it still says Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 on (D: ) Local Disk.

Looks just like this:

Is this just windows being confused? Something I should just ignore?

Sorry for the long read, just wanted to make sure I explained things properly. Thanks for any help.


Ignore it, it will work fine as is, mine is on F: as you found changing things in bios has no effect.
The only way would be to start from scratch, disconnect the other drives leave only the one you want to install on, plug it in to ID 0, install W7 then reconnect the other drives, is it worth the trouble? probably not.


Aug 19, 2008
If you really want to fix this situation... Disconnect the D:\ and boot the computer with only C drive...

Run startup repair it should fix it automatically(more chance of fixing with D drive not connected physically)

if that is not you will have to fix it manually from the WinRE

This is happening because the files that contain the partition information the is on the active partition that is D:

The boot files initiate the windows 7 boot up and go dormant..

Disconnecting the HDD's physically or try to disable the hDD's that constitute the D:from Bios


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