Windows 7 ultimate mem issue has to be


May 3, 2009
my current specs are:

Asus P5n E sli MB
Intel E6600 processor
4 gig of Corsair ram 4-4-4-12
EVGA geforce 8800gts 640mb pci express 16 video card

hard drive that i think are 1.5gps, the two seagates might be 3.0gps because they are fairly new.

what i am wanting to do is upgrade my system or maybe not upgrade not sure. i have been using windows xp pro for a long time and i recenly upgraded on this system windows 7 ultimate with no issues thus far. well i come to find that my ATX controller on the MB is bad and therefore the mb is not under warranty anymore. i would really like this functionality to work for sleep and hibernation mode. well i have been researching for upgrades. I called ASUS and talked with them about this board and they also indicated that windows 7 is not supported for this board well everything works fine thus far but since the ATX controller does nto work. i am going to get a new mb and i also want to add some more ram up from 4gig to 16gig. I really want to use windows 7 instead of xp. my other issue is the compatiblity of the evga geforce 8800gts gpu with a newer MB. I really DO NOT want to buy another video card. I would rather suck $ into MB, ram and processor. if anyone can help me find a MB that supports i3 priocesor, more ram and this card please let me know. or if there is another config i can do to save $$ and still use Windows 7 ultimate 64bit. :)