Question Windows 8.1 - issues with overal system speed. My kind request

Aug 10, 2018
Dear Tom's Hardware Forum's fellow members,

I have for more than a decade came accross a solution on Tom's Hardware- always tops of the google search for many of my problems. For that I wanna thank you.

This is my very first post on this forum though.

My dear Windows 8.1 on My Sony Vaio SVE14A27CXH dates back to maybe between 2013-2014. I am fully aware that this may be too long to run a one system, meaning that I should consider a clean install soon. And so I do, but it is dependent upon certain changes in my life that will come soon which I hope.

The issue is overall sluggishness. I don't wanna mention that when I fresh boot it up it takes about 15 minutes for all the stuff to load and to start working without anything in the background being loaded. Though I use Sony's Rapid Wake- which means every time I have a break using the computer I just close the lid down and it goes into its kind of hybernation.

To freshen it up I use system cleaning tool that clears internet cache , miniatures etc(right click on your hdd - properties- clean) and a vaio utility which gets rid of register errors, defragmentation errors(whatever that means).

BUT, my point is to ask you advanced guys to give me instructions to see what sits inside of it. I mean using such programs as Hijack something etc, to see the real core of it. And I ask you to kindly analyze the output that these programs will spit out for me.

I would apprecaiate somebody offer me this kind of help. I know that there are solutions but I cannot read the outcome of these programs by myself.

Just want to add that it fell of maybe near 1 meter two times, I had to replace the hinges. Of course I tested it with multiple HDD software, always without any errors. But I have read that when it falls the HDD will eventually break up.

Thank you

Windows 8.1 x64
8 GB Ram DDR3/1600MHz
i7-3632QM @ 2.20GHz Boost up to 3.20GHz
Hybrid Graphics With AMD Radeon HD 7670M 2 GB using special LESHCAT drivers.
1 TB 5400rpm HDD

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