Windows 8 tutorial contest...

I entered the contest and made up a nice pretty tutorial. (though a bit bare) I am not sure if I didn't win (though there were only around 7 entries from what I seen, with 5 winners) or if the guy giving away the goodie bags has just been swamped with work. Was this an official give away and is this an appropriate place to ask this question?

Also I noticed it said we would be notified via private messages, I haven't received one, if he tried via email... I recently updated that as I didn't have access to the previous one.

It should be known that I have posted this in the pertinent contest thread but I can't check it due to some forum error.


Can I get a link to your Win how to:

I was trying to keep them all on a post I made on the forum(so it can be seen from the actual contest page in the comments) so users can see them more quickly, but in all the switch over, I must had missed some.
Thanks for the compliment! The first guide I've written. And yeah I hear that the lock screen switch doesn't work on starter versions of windows 8, I am not sure as I don't have it to test. So I though I'll include that way as its the most universal.

Alright! Nice to hear feedback. Thanks, looking forward to see who wins :)

Edit: General question: Will you guys sticky the entries as they contain useful tutorials? I mean not all of them, just the links to them. Seems like a good idea.


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Yup! I plan to sticky links to all the tutorials that were created as a part of the contest in one singular thread.
Winners have now been notified that they won, just waiting on a few stragglers to get back in touch with me for their prizes. :)