[SOLVED] Windows 8 update possibly killing hdd?

Dec 16, 2018
So I do not know how exactly this issue happened since it is my brother's pc. He said windows8
(i dont think he had 8.1 he didn't know) did an update while he was away and then when he got back his computer booted right to the bios. So from what I've been trying to figure out since I never had this issue.

*been working on it for about 10hours+ trying all types of tricks* disk part trick it doesn't even show up no matter what function I use, I tried using a bootable drive nothing works there, also tried fixing the the error(Your PC/Device needs to be repaired-Boot Error Code 0x0000098) that didnt work either so I am at a lost and don't really think my brother has the money to fix that since he needs to fly over seas to bring his fiance and my little niece over and he needs the information on his pc. So with that said the drive in question is "Toshiba 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5 Internal Hard Drive (DT01ACA100)"

So What I need to know is how would I go about getting the HDD to appear so I can at least work on it. Currently im buying some cables since I forgot my other ones broke to connect to HDD to one of my computers So while Im waiting for those any information or tips would be appreciated.



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