Windows 98 and USB HP photosmart problem


Apr 1, 2011
im keeping my 85 yr old father going with Win98SE. hes got a USB connected photosmart 8010.At 85 and im not too een on exposing him to an upgrade, given the time its taken him to get used to Win98

Ive installed the printer to the Virtual USB port. and it appears in CP->printers and the printer list

I can print from eg Word, but cant print from graphics programs. ive tried paintshop pro (v5 and v7) and irfanview.

the error message is

"there was en error writing to USB001 for the printer(photosmart 8000)

There was a problem printing to the port."

in the printer setup ive also got the option DOT4_01, DOT4_02......DOT4_07 . i get the same error message with USB001 replaced with the port I selected.

Is there a way of being able to print from graphics programs?

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