Question Windows Apps Slow, computer is fine?


Nov 18, 2016
Windows 10 has recently slowed down to a crawl involving only system related actions. For example;
  • Launching an .exe file will freeze whatever window I attempt to launch it on for up to 30+ minutes before finally launching. If launching at all. This includes the windows explorer and browsers such as Firefox/Chrome.
  • Booting and logging into the computer can take upward to 20 minutes, but computer runs smoothly once logged in.
  • Windows related Apps like Mail will no longer load emails received at all, and will simply load infinitely.
  • Windows Update takes a long while to detect any required updates needed, it took me two tries and a restart to get it to show anything at all.
Everything else is fine, the computer itself doesn't lag at all with internet browsing, gaming, watching videos, etc. This is why I did not notice an issue until attempting to download an executable file. I tried troubleshooting but couldn't find my exact issue anywhere, and the solutions I did attempt did nothing. This includes:
  • Updating Windows (how I learned it was being slow)
  • Restarting computer
  • Running Virus Scan (Avast/Malwarebytes)
  • Editing Registry (as suggested in several posts I read)
  • Running a Scan through cmd (sfc /scannow)
Other than Windows itself and Windows Store related Apps, nothing else seems effected?