Question Windows Boot Manager not Appearing

Aug 1, 2019
So basically every day when i start up my computer my screen freezes anywhere from the login screen, or when opening applications after logging in. I get a quick blue screen that says Stop Code: Critical Process Died. Then when I start up it tells me to Reboot and select proper boot device so i reboot go to BIOS settings to make my PC boot off of windows boot manager (The only option that works). Suddenly the windows boot manager does not show up and I cannot login unless a wait about half an hour until it suddenly pops up (idk why), or if i force it to use it every time i boot by using F12 when booting my PC.

*Btw, I had these blue screens for months but they became more and more common to the point were i get them every day and now the windows boot manager doesn't even show up.

PC Specs: Intel Core i7-8700 Coffee Lake 6 core 12 Thread
Memory: 16GB DDR4
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1080 8GB
SSD: 256GB
OS: Windows 10

-I got this pc pre-built so I dont see the motherboard specs anywhere, but I am assuming that the specific specs do not matter because my PC ran perfectly for a year.
-I have all the proper drivers and no virus is detected in my PC.

Image below: Normally there should be Windows Boot Manager as an option as it is the only option that allows my PC to startup.