[SOLVED] Windows crashes/won't boot and goes to start up repair when installing gpu driver


Mar 11, 2015
Hi, I've had my gaming pc for about 3 years now and one day a few months back I was playing a game and my pc crashed and now just goes to start up repair. It's on Windows 10 at the moment and I've recently tried reinstalling it to Windows 7 and a fresh Windows 10 both boot the first time and as soon as the gpu driver installs no matter if its through windows update or even the official driver from amds website it crashes and won't boot.

I have noticed that it seems my pc isn't getting enough power. Weirdly enough when installing windows from a disk it reads it until it gets to the windows logo and freezes until I disconnect all usbs from the tower so don't know if this could have something to do with it?.

My specs are as follows-
Mobo - msi 760ga
Gpu - r9 270
Psu - 500w cooler master
Ram - 16gb corsair vengance

What I have tried...

Bought a new hard drive.
Tried booting with one ram stick.
Fresh installs with different isos
Tried USB and disk installations
Tried amds official driver

Any help is much appriciated thanks