Windows doesnt boot but Hard Drives are detectable in Bios

Apr 14, 2018
Hey guys i just bought a new Aorus H370 motherboard, a intel i5 8600 Unlocked, and a set of Ballistix DDR4 ram, my exsiting hardware is a 650w Coolmaster PSU, and a kingston 250gb SSD, and a GTX 970 G1.

After installing everything i cant boot into windows, the Drives come up as being there in the bios , i have removed my 1tb HDD to eliminate that, i tried making a bootable ISO usb with windows 10 pro on it, but it isnt detecting the usb... I put a very old and worse for wear windows 7 Disc in and it boots windows up on that fine, but i cant get to the repair option as the disc is that badly damaged it doesn't allow me to get past a certain point, ive searched through the forums and cant find any results...

I used Rufus Mounter with defualt options, the usb is detectable on my laptop.

Im not sure if i fucked up the install, ive built all my own computers and a server for work, but im stumped on this, no i didnt wear a static shock wrist band and i did it on carpet, but since it can still boots into windows on the disc and i can access the bios i find it hard to believe that its a hardware issue.

For a fucking brand new motherboard top of the line its got some pretty shitty settings and very basic (no im not in easy mode haha)

Please if any could give me a hand that would be amazing, im crying its the weekend and i cant game :/
May 2, 2018
I had the same issue where BIOS detects my SSD under the SATA section but it does not register as a bootable device.
Here's the solution that I stumbled upon:
Boot into the BIOS and go to the "BIOS" section. Enable "CSM Support". This opened up some more configuration options, but I left them as is in UEFI mode. Save the configuration and exit. Hopefully it should boot into your OS now.

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