Question Windows Error 0xc00000e9


Feb 12, 2017
I've looked up guides already but nothing seems to be of help right now. Have so far only tried to reconnect the boot drive and restarted the computer a few times.

What happened was that I working on a word document from my USB flash drive and then saved it as I normally would and then from there I would shut down my PC for the night. I had a pending windows update so i updated it and shut it down. However, as it was shutting down, i received the error mentioned in the title. It's strange, all my drives are working completely fine and upon inspection of my motherboard and M.2 drive (boot drive) it seems to be fine with no external damage whatsoever (the heatsink was quite hot but that could be due to the SFF computer I have). The drive itself was in place as it should be.

In my UEFI, I don't entirely know if it has ever displayed but it shows my M.2 drive in the boot options but in the connected SATA chipsets, it only displays my secondary SSD in Chipset Sata Port 1, while all other spots (0, 2, 3 ,4) are empty. Anyone have any possible fixes for this that mostly do not contain a clean installation of Windows 10?

Component list if it matters
Motherboard - Gigabyte B450I (BIOS version F51)
CPU - Ryzen 5 2600
RAM - Team T-Force 16gb
SSD - Adata SX6000LNP (Boot drive), Adata SU650 (secondary)
GPU - GTX 1060