Question Windows not opening programs, recurring issue days after formatting.

Oct 20, 2019
Hey everyone!

I'm having a recurring issue with both mine and my wife's laptop. Right after starting the PC, it won't open any programs, except for explorer. Can't open browser and even when I start the Task manager, it opens, but stops updating the info and goes all white when closing.

I can open programs when going on safe mode, but still acts a little weird (not as fast as normal).

Both PCs are running windows 10 Home, updated with build 1903 and have automatic updates on.

I tried restoring windows (won't complete) sfc, chkdsk on cmd (admin rights), fixing boot, clean booting, disabling programs from starting and nothing works.

The weird part is that this happened on my wife's pc first (fixed by reseting windows), then it happened on mine twice (formated both times) and now, a few weeks later, it happened again on my wife's PC.

Does anyone knows what this could be? Resource monitor shows high disk usage but it also seems to have the values stuck.

Both laptops are fairly new (i7 7700HQ and i7 8750H, both with 16gb ram and running windows on ssd)

I wondered if this could be some type of disk malware, but I don't know what else can I do :(

Both computers have Malwarebytes Premium running - was able to run Rkill, Malware bytes scan and ADW on safe mode, without threats detected.

Thanks in advance!
Oct 20, 2019
you should do a full virus scan on both computer specialy with one that have a module to scan on start up before windows load .
I already used Rkill, RogueKiller, Malwarebytes (with the Rooktkit option on) and ADW Cleaner. Do you recommend an specific program in this case?

Does each laptop have its' own licensed copy of Windows 10 Home or was one license used for both laptop installations?
Each one have its own license (both came with Windows when purchased).


On both laptops look in Reliability History and Event Viewer for error codes, warnings, and even informational events that correspond to the times when no applications will open.

Look in Task Manager's Startup Tab. Look for any unexpected apps being launched at startup or an app you do not recognize.

And you can use Task Manager and Resource Monitor to observe system performance.

Check first in Safe Mode when you can open programs (even if slow) and then again after a normal boot when programs will not open.