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Question Windows Random Shutdowns Event ID 41

Nov 12, 2019
I have Windows 10 Home. I recently purchased this new PC from NewEgg. On day one of receiving the PC I booted and set up for first time use. After installing my typical programs like Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, and a few games from Steam. I launched first games on the new PC and started to experience random shutoff's of the PC. I have updated all drivers. But the shutdowns are completely random. Sometime it can run for 5 hours straight and other times no more than 1 hour.

In link is my PC system information labeled "PC INFO" https://file.io/x1YtyY
In link is my Windows system event log viewer labeled "Event LOG" https://file.io/K70vVn

Yesterday on 11/11/2019 it shutdown random more than usual and about a total of 4 times. Need assistance in how to approach this and how to correct the events.


Win 10 Master
Your PC info link results in a 404

Do you know what parts are in PC? Do you have the newegg link?

event 41 is a reaction, its not the cause. Windows runs a report every startup and if it find the previous shutdown was unexpected, it creates event 41 (63). It means windows doesn't know why it restarted.