Windows tablet doesn't properly display second screen

Jan 30, 2019
Hey all!
I have a Dell 5285 windows tablet. i7 16 gb.
When I use the wireless display, I run into problems. The screen will show on the second monitor and I can drag windows onto the screen. It s very small, which is annoying. But that is not the problem. My windows apps will not see it as a second screen, so when I go into fullscreen, it'll show on my main display instead of the second monitor. I've rtied adjusting the resolution, with no luck. I've moved my main screen. Reinstalled drivers. The intel app also doesn't show a second screen. It works on my laptop, but not the tablet. So I'm wondering if it being a tablet is the problem. Any help would be appreciated.


Not really sure what you mean about this full screen thing, if you want to maximize a window on the second screen, move that windows to the screen then maximize it. Or are you trying to use the same program expanded to two screens?

Having the windows be smaller or larger on another display depends on the resolution difference between them how things look when you move things.

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