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Wireless Computing


Feb 10, 2010
Hi all,
im facing some troubles in mixed wireless & wired networking. i hav 2 desktop pc with ethernet card, 2 laptop - wireless enabled, one 8 port switch, one wireless router (ASUS RT-G32) with 4 lan ports, one dsl modem, one wired print server and one usb printer. 2 desktop pc are connected to switch through CAT-5 cable, switch is connected to wireless router through straight cable, usb printer is connected to print server and print server is connected to the router through straight cable. Other two laptops are connected with router through wireless network. The ISP has assigned ip on dsl modem for broadband connection and the ip of the wireless router has been assigned as by me. now i can surf internet through all of the computers (wired & wireless) but cannot add printer within the same workgroup. Even i cannot share my files from one laptop to another laptop without using wire. Anyone pl help me to solve the problem. Also tell me the detailed configuration if i remove switch from this networking.





One possibility that would prevent wireless clients from seeing each other is AP isolation. Not all routers support it. But for those that do, if enabled, it prevents (by design) one wireless client from seeing another. It's really intended for situations like an open wifi business as a security measure. And by default it should normally be disabled. But I would at least check.

NOTE: AP isolation will NOT prevent access to any wired users or resources, it strictly isolates wireless.