Question Wireless internet to ethernet to router internet sharing help!

May 3, 2019
First let me explain my needs. I travel in an RV and get my limited internet from; Campground Wifi, WAN, Cellular Router, and Tethered Cellphone. I have a MoFi4500 which is a cellular router which has the ability switch from the four methods automatically provide a network via Wifi or ethernet to all of my wifi devices. This unit works very well indeed for my needs, until I am faced with a wifi source which uses a captive portal interface. Hence my need for a mini format PC which can connect wirelessly to the captive portal source by navigating the login page, and then share that internet source via ethernet to the WAN port of my MoFi4500 which will then allow multiple devices to share through the one portal... yes I know the bandwidth will be restricted, but speed is not critical, ease of connection to my source is paramount. All of my devices link and connect to the MoFi4500 automatically and don't need to be tampered with as I travel.

I am hoping to purchase a miniPC but need help with the sharing of the internet, as I understand Win10 build 1809 has removed ICS from the operating system. Is there another way? Linux, Android.... please help.


Consider Raspberry Pi - google accordingly.

E.g. "raspberry pi as router" or similar words and phrases that match your requirements.

Using a Raspberry Pi may provide you with a flexible yet inexpensive "mini pc" or even a router via Tomato, DD-WRT, or OpenWRT.