Question Wireless USB Bridge?


May 9, 2012
i am interesting in finding a USB wireless bridge. (if such a thing exists).
the intent is to make a wireless connection from my father's favorite chair to the smart TV and NOT have to lead a 40' USB cable.
my father could simply plug in whichever thumb drive he wants into a transmitter, and a receiver plugged into his smart TV picks up the signal to complete the connection..
my father has a large dvd movie collection (all old stuff) but is no longer mobile enough to be able to enjoy them. most of these movies are NOT on ANY streaming service.
i've already thought about some sort of router with USB ports, but my father is not technically inclined.
any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!
Nothing new is developed in this area. And the stuff which was developed was for keyboards, not high-speed devices.

Get your father a TV box with USB interface (or internal HDD slot), and copy all these USB keys into a single place. Spend a day or two to rip DVDs, and organize them.


Get a wireless keyboard with a touchpad and some sort of media player along with network connected drive. A USB drive stuck on the router USB port and shared will do it. Most smart TVs will pick that up with no issues, and so will most media players.

I use this keyboard, nice quality, backlit so good for movies in a dark room

Pretty much any smart TV will detect that keyboard dongle and be able to use it as a mouse to select things and type things for searching.