Question Wisp ping problem

Aug 9, 2019
So i recently upgraded my internet package with my isp, Vistabeam and immediately i saw a huge decrease in my ping on multiplayer games. But after a few days of playing and setting up my routers qos for online gaming my ping jumped from 40-50 to about 90-100. Ive tried resetting my router, changing routers, playing with my routers settings, as well as reading about every forum on the subject.
Ive done a trace route to see whats going on and it seems like the problem is out of my control, but this really doesnt make sense because i had the good ping for a few days right after i got my new internet package and now its just gone.
Please help
Try running in the middle of the night and see if it is any different. If not the antenna may have been moved in a storm or something.

It depends which system they use. If they are cheap and just use normal WiFi you are subject to other users usage a lot more. Some of the systems actually designed for WISP have more control over when users transmit. Things like motorola canopy or one of the new LTE systems that run on the public radio channels.

These fancy systems tend to share the bandwidth better but there is only so much they can do if they have oversold the network.