Feb 18, 2005
i was considering upgrading from my pentium 4 2.4 ghz
to an amd 64 3500+ is this a good move?
or should i wait for the prices on the fx series to drop?
i`m looking to spend around $300 on the cpu.
the rest of the system would be:
asus a8n-sli
amd 64 3500+
1 or 2 gb of 3200 ddr
fortron blue storm 500w atx12v 2.03 psu
raptor 74 gb or wd 300gb
silverstone tj06B case
probably a nvidia 6600 gt or possibly 2 6600`s non gt

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Feb 2, 2005
yes, i think its worth the upgrade, but you should wait a lil while for a couple of reasons

1)sli-ing the 6600gts isn't that smart of a move. because the performance isn't top notch, and there's driver issues and what not with SLI. also, for you to upgrade again, you'll need TWO brand new cards
2)i'm not sure, but i don't think you can sli 6600 vanillas
3)wait a lil longer for the AMR, the ATI chipset, and maybe the R520? ur 2.4 isn't gonna be too bad for a couple months longer..... i mean, i'm waiting for the ATI stuff and i still have a freaking 1.5 willamette(which is one of the shittiest cores ever created) =P. other then that, ur system looks good, make sure ur 3500+ is on winchester(90nm) not the old newcastles. you should rethink about the raptor if your not gonna excesively use ur hardrive(digital imaging, video editing, or file editing in general).

as to the FX issue
(in US dolllars)
3500+: 270
4000+: 600
FX-53(discontinued):800(some stores still carry it from left overs... they weren't that popular... same stats as the 4000+ but unlocked multipliers)
FX-53: 1000+

way out of your budget no matter how much the price comes down(unless you wait like 2 or 3 years) =P, just my two cents

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Feb 18, 2005
hey thanks for the good info
i actually am really torn about getting parts now
because i know the ati stuff is coming soon and the new video cards and so on.

and as far as the raptor i only use about 35-40 gb`s of hdd space so i figured it would be best to have the fastest hdd for the money right?


I'd bet that a 300gig drive with 10% fill would be faster than a 74gig raptor @ 50% fill.
Amd only sells one FX chip at a time. The price will always be the same.
You would be better off getting a non-sli, and an x800xl.


Feb 18, 2005
is that for real?
i never knew that, so maybe i`ll go for a 300gb
also i`m getting a 939 board for i can upgrade to dual core
later on, as far as sli it might be beneficial down the road so i would rather get a sli mb


Mathematically, the 300 gig drive at empty would be traveling about 40% more distance per revolution than the Raptor at 50% capacity, but the raptor has about a 40% rotational speed advantage which would probably put these to drives at roughly the same throughput given those conditions.

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