Would a single RTX 2080Ti be better than Dual GTX 1080ti in SLI for running a 4k 144Hz Monitor?


Sep 13, 2017
My current specs are good, but I am thinking of switching my GPU to something with more "power." I'm also thinking of either getting 3 1920x1080p 240hz Monitors, or 1 4k 144hz Monitor (ROG Swift PG27UQ).

So let's say I go for the 4k monitor, what would be better to use, 2 1080tis or 1 2080ti?

Oh yea, if you want/need to know, i'm rocking an Intel Core-i9 7940x ;)

As not all games support SLI, (and those that do won't see double performance) I would suggest getting the single 2080ti.
Get a single card, it will save you lots of headaches. In most games the 1080ti SLI isn't much better than a single 1080ti (with "The rise of the tomb raider" being the only game I've seen that scales well and almost doubles the frame rate). For the most part a 2080ti is on par with 1080ti SLI.


Nov 4, 2017

Considering you can afford a 2 and half grand monitor / 3 monitors designed for cs-go pro's and a 1k CPU (please say you do something productive besides gaming with the rig D; ), I'd suggest going all in on 2080 ti, considering it's NV-link capabilities pretty much crush the GTX 10 series SLI - so if you at some time plan to opt for another upgrade you can stick another 2080 ti in.

But on the other hand no... the gtx 1080 ti sli has quite a bit better performance over single 2080 ti. Not in all games though, which is the negative - games in which it works well have had tweaks that allow 2 cards to get a greater advantage over a single one compared to more minor titles.

Edit: I'd suggest considering also the upcoming Asus 1440p 144hz UW G-sync HDR monitor. Your CPU won't be a bottleneck so you'll be pretty much always hitting the max framerate no matter the game with even a single 2080 ti. Just a suggestion - had to notify considering that I and many more usually prefer the UW curved real estate in games over the 16:9 ratio.


Jun 13, 2013

2080ti all the way man. It is crushing 4k right now, at least for me anyway. Everything on max settings with 1 gpu i'm getting about 80-100fps on most everything (bo4, bf1, rb6, division, wow).

Anyway, You can eventually nvlink 2 of them down the road. I tried SLIing the 1080 series cards with poor results at 4k unfortunately.

Something to note about 4k 144hz monitors btw. If you buy the $2k one which comes with hdr, max refresh rate @ 10bit color it will give you is 98hz. That's around the average fps you'll get with 1 2080ti, so it kinda works out. While I've only had it a few days still, I feel this card is totally worth it and couldn't be happier (I bought the zotac amp version). Beware the founders edition, heard they are running hot and getting RMAed a lot.