Would this graphics card setup be worthwhile?



currently using an ati xtx1950 series card with 512 ram, and 3Gb ram on the mobo, I run almost everything in 1920x1200 res. on windows xp.

now sometime in the next year I plan on buying myself a new machine and giving this one to my wife, however, there a some games coming out soon that I'd really like to play without dropping everything to low settings, so I'm looking around for some cheapo ways to get a little boost out of this system, the main option I'm thinking is installing another xtx1950 in crossfire, when I built this machine I made sure I had the option because it was getting popular at the time. so I know I have everything needed. but I'm getting a lot of mixed reviews about how good crossfire is, even on this site it kind of varies, some say its only worth it for a small selection of games, some say for the price it's not really worth it at all just buy a bigger vid card, some say it's always worth it for a high res display regardless of what games... so I figured I'd lay out my situation here and see what kind of suggestions I'd get.

Thanks ahead of time for the input.



Oct 1, 2009
Crossfire two x1950's? Hmm .. you would probably need to go look for some crossfire reviews of those two cards, for starters. I am not feeling too great or else I'd give you a hand. Honestly I don't recall how well those particular cards ran in crossfire. In higher RES though .. I would imagine the extra card would definitely give you a pretty decent boost however. The drivers have matured to a point where all the kinks are probably worked out as far as x-fire goes so I would imagine you'd get a pretty decent boost in modern games. However without looking at some reviews from back when the cards were new, I couldn't really tell you for sure whether or not the money you'd spend on a second card would truly be worth the money and effort.