Question Write protection problem with multi-card reader

Jul 5, 2022
I have a problem with my SD card reader

My system:
MSI B450 M-A Pro Max (MS-7C52)
AMD Ryzen 5600G
Internal AMD Radeon graphics card
NVidia GTX-1650 4GB graphics card (Asus TUF-Gaming)
16GB DDR4 ram
1TB SSD drive
Windows 11
5.25" Media Dashboard ( View:

My problem:

The system tells me for x-any SD cards, which I put into the media dashboard, that they are write protected. (And yes: the little lock switch on the side of the SD cards is in the unlocked position).

But if I put the same SD cards into one of my portable USB card readers, I can put these readers anywhere into any USB2 or USB3 slot on the PC in the front, in the back and also in the dashboard and the SD cards are suddenly writable again.

The SD cards are therefore neither hardware-protected, nor defective. And I can also assume that the media dashboard is intact, because the SD cards can be written via a portable USB card reader in any USB slot on the dashboard.

So I suspect that Windows (all of a sudden overnight) activated the write protection for the SD card slot on the media dashboard and didn't tell me about it.

ALL other USB storage devices, such as my external 1TB Samsung hard drive (USB3) work equally well. It is EXCLUSIVE about the SD card slot in the media dashboard.

Software tools, such as diskpart on the command line, report after Attributes Volume Clear Readonly that the write protection is removed, BUT... the SD cards can NOT be written in this slot. Windows sparks somewhere in between and I am at my wit's end.

Removing the dashboard in the device manager and then restarting the computer didn't help either. The system reinstalls the drivers and the problem persists. Windows/Microsoft, respectively MSI cannot offer me newer / more current drivers for the USB mass storage.

So it is DEFINITELY a Windows problem.

Somewhere in the depths of the Windows 11 system is a software switch that says: "The SD cards in THIS slot are write protected." But that's wrong and Windows is screwing with me.

So now I'm hoping that there are real professionals here who know the system really well and can help me get Windows to write SD cards in this slot again, too.

(It's nonsense that I have an internal card reader in the computer and then have to go the detour over a portable USB card reader every time. I need the SD cards because my 3D printers can only be fed with SD cards and the detour via USB card reader is absolutely annoying. I think you guys see it that way too, right?)

Hoping for help...

Thanks in advance.