x-38 or x-48 ??


Oct 27, 2007
ok im going to switch to intel i want a motherboard that is futureproof and is a mean overclocker is there any benefit in getting a x-48 over a x-38


Jan 2, 2008
x48 will most likely be DDR3 only and as it will be brand new, may have some issues upon release..

You can get an X38 or P35 board that supports both DDR2 and DDR3 as well as the new penryns.

No need to wait for X48, go with what works and has had all the kinks worked out.

From what I've read is that the X48 chipset is really only cherry picked X38's that Intel validates to run at 1600 FSB. Much like speed binning CPU's from a CPU family such as Allendale (E6300, E6400), Conroe (E6600, E6700), Kentsfield, etc. No other features have been added to the chipset other than the official support for 1600 FSB. So if you plan on running a QX9770 or if Intel plans on releasing mainstream CPU's with FSB's of 1600 and you want a chipset that "officially" supports that FSB, get the X48, otherwise get the X38. Of course when I say "officially", I mean that in all likelihood, you would be able to run a X38 motherboard at a FSB of 1600 without much problem, heck most P965's have no problem running with an FSB of 1600 or higher.