Question X470 Aorus Gaming 5 not booting after bios update

May 3, 2020
Hey guys,

Wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem when updating to the F31 bios in the Aorus gaming lineup. I was going through the process of trying to make my mobo 3rd gen compatible (newest chipset drivers, 31, then utility, then 40 etc.), but then after flashing the F31 bios it was just stuck on the AORUS logo flash screen and couldn't go anywhere.

I managed to get bios to fix itself by holding power and reset for 10 seconds but then after restarting a couple of times making sure evrything was set to defaults and that the newest chipset was installed, flashing using a different port and USB downloading the bios file again I got the same problem.

Now I can't seem to get it working again using the reset and power buttons.

Anyone know why it could be stuck?