Question X570 Asus Strix F won't POST and power-button doesn't turn PC off ?

Jul 16, 2021

I'm at a point of loss with my system. Everything was fine, Turned out I had 2802 version of a BIOS (old now) for my motherboard.

Asus Strix X570-F
Gskill 3600 trident Z
a variety of HDDs/SSD with a 2gb corsair m600 m.2 as my main drive.
asus 1080ti strix / 3090 strix
EVGA 1000W P2

All items are under a year old, apart from the 1080ti which is half replaced and the PSU which is 7 years old.

Now I recently changed my GPU to a 3090 (it became available so i got it).
Everything seemed to be fine, other than the fans did what they wanted, the GPU tweak 2 software seemed to have no influence.

Then last night the PC would POST and I could use the BIOS, but wouldn't load Windows. It got into some sort of loop by the looks as the keyboard kept lighting up and then off, then again, as though its trying to go through the motions.
What became more strange- Windows recovery kicked in eventually due to multiple power downs and on, but this wouldnt get beyond the blackscreen, no context window. though the mouse pointer appeared.

Trying a Windows recovery USB, this would again show the purple background but wouldnt load any menus etc, just the mouse pointer.

I then tried an Ubuntu loaded USB, we were able to get Ubuntu to work as a system, so, this must mean the hardware is ok?
I unplugged all the SATA cables so its just running off the M.2 unplugged everything else, put the 1080ti back in and took out the CMOS waited and put it back in.

The PC booted, and testing, i was able to get windows recovery and the recovery USB to work as you'd expect.

So I then went about updating firmware and drivers. this included Mobo bios to 4002, (june2021) using BIOS flashback. once updated and everything turned on again, i turned off, plugged everything back in (sata drives) and then- same issue as before, infinate windows loading (the white dots rotating). so again- unplugged the sata drives just leaving the M.2 and GPU- now bigger issue...

Powers on but no POST, no BIOS. and the power button won't shut down PC when I hold it down. So does this mean the issue is the Mobo? I'm wondering if i've multiple seperate issues, and with all the chaos the Mobo has now thrown a fit? I dont really understand anyway what caused the original issues, a bad sata drive? GPU issue? Mobo? CPU?

The issues are so broad 'Mobo wont POST' that google searching is near useless.

Any advice, any tell tale signs? the lighting all works for the various parts. I'm wondering if the mobo Bios has gone bad, can i flash it to an earlier version?
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The asus strix f x570 has 4 troubleshooting LED's for DRAM, CPU, VGA, and BOOT.
During POST they will light up and when they go out your Bios will hand over to the Operating system. If any stay lit then POST will not continue till the error is fixed.

The LED's for troubleshooting are located to the top right of your MB adjacent to your RAM slots.

Do any light up and stay lit?
Jul 16, 2021
I've updated the info with the PSU.
I think a Board short may have happened. the POST lights on the board are not lighting up, I don't think the board is initiating the POST now. as soon as the system is turned on I think the Mobo has an issue, doesnt POST, and wont turn off from the power button, as though its broken BIOS, or the board is broken.