XBOX to monitor through VGA


Jul 12, 2012
Hello, I'm trying to get all my stuff (xbox, cable box, computer) to run through my monitor, and so far I have my computer and cable box hooked up fine... although it is quite confusing... My monitor does not have speakers which is also making things more confusing.

Monitor (ASUS VS248)
Has VGA, DVI, and HDMI inputs... No speakers

Audio not a problem, connected to monitor in DVI input

Cable Box
Have this hooked up to monitor with HDMI, and I have an RCA to Stereo cord going from the Red/White RCAs on the cable box to "Line in" on PC (have a splitter so I can plug 2 "Stereo" jacks into "Line in") This is working fine.

This is the real problem... I plan to have the RGB (HD video) RCA cables plugged into a VGA adapter, and then plug the red and white (L/R) audio RCAs into a "Y" cord for RCA female to stereo male, and then plug that into the splitter for "Line in"

I hope that makes sense, sorry it is confusing... My big question is will the RCA to VGA adapter work for this function (see links to the adapters below), I have heard mixed feedback on them, and also heard that they may only run one way.

I came up with this plan while I was doing it, so if there is an easier way please let me know. Thanks for advise that is offered