Question Xcellon HDD-1312 USB 3.1 Gen 2 Hard Drive Dock


Does anyone knows something about this manufacturer? I looked everywhere and .... nothing.

I am looking for fool proof HDD docking station (2 bays preferred, but single multi size will do), quality over price, as I have who knows how many HDDs around from 500 GB to 10 TB. As of now the only way I trust is exchanging HDDs in my PC HDD rack, simple but cumbersome. I checked so many of them, all have multiple problems.
Then I stumbled upon Xcellon, trying to find something bad, and only B&H has some reviews, all positive. Is this one seems to be a good find, or it is too good to be true?

If not that one, anything else comes in mind? Again, price is negotiable, as long as quality of the product is outstanding - I don't want to deal with corrupted HDDs, random disconnects, early and premature product death, etc.

Any suggestions appreciated as always.

P.S. Was not here for a while, all new look, hope to get some good advice. I would not come here if I could find an answer, this is my last resort. Please don't advise products based on the "Best HDD docking station" Internet search. done it many hundreds times...