Xfx ati radeon™ hd 5450 graphics card monitor drivers

Lou B

Apr 12, 2012
I think my computer is confused after installing my XFX graphics card. I plugged my monitor cable into the parallel port on the new card. The device manager still sees my generic, pnp monitor, but it keeps popping up found new device, and shows an exclamation point yellow triangle at Ports (COM and LPT), and says "Unknown Device". When searching everywhere for this unknown device, it finds no drivers for this device. If I go to my monitor and ask to find an updated driver, it says the driver it's using now is a good one.

Any ideas of what I should try?

Lou B
Couple of things in your post that point to other issues.

The video card does not have parallel ports, it should have VGA, DVI, Display Port or HDMI ports.

Second, the issue with the other ports show that you have either no drivers for those devices or something is up with your system.

Download the drivers for your PC make/model from the support site for the vendor, install the chipset, audio, video, any PCI devices you see.

Then go to www.ati.com and download and install the drivers for your card for Vista.

Reboot as needed, see what happens.