XP 64 bit or Vista 64 Bit Video Editing


Jan 18, 2007
I am building a new video editing computer. I was set on XP 64 bit, but someone just told me if I am going with 64 bit then go with Vista and that XP 64 bit have a lot of bugs. I have tried to stay away from Vista because of its compatibility issues and stick with XP because of my good luck with it. Please let me know.
Compatibility issues are overblown - (1) If you're building a new system from new components, then you'll have drivers, and (2) your processor doesn't care if it's an x86 binary or an x64 binary. (x64 is a superset of x86 and on a binary level is perfectly backwards compatible - thank AMD for that.) WOW64 does the work of coordinating registry and file locations, But besides that there's almost no overhead, and your applications wil run whether they're 32 bit or 64 bit.

My recommendation is to check with the maker of your editing software on what *they* run best on. Use that.
From what I have heard xp 64 has come a long way in terms of bugs, but I never used it so that's just what I have picked up from reading.

However, don't believe the anti-vista hype. It runs GREAT on new and powerful equipment and it has come a LONG way from the early days of driver problems and software incompatibilities. Vista 64 is a very popular choice with enthusiasts, gamers, power users etc. Driver support is more than adequate and 32 bit software runs flawlessly on it.

I have been using Vista 64 for over a year now, with 8 gig ram, and it's running everything perfectly. If you have any pet applications you simply must run then check them out individually just to be sure.


Jul 8, 2009
I was struggling on XP 32 bit, trying to edit video.. Maxxed out the ram, and premiere just choked.. Crashes.. sluggish behavior -- a real nightmare. uI heard you needed expensive video cards, etc to get a good video editing computer... Due to tight finances, I decided to test my 3GHz Dell Intel Core2Duo with Vista 64...

Still ran sluggish, video editing was still a grind... So right when I thought perhaps "they" were right, and I needed a $3000 workstation video card, I decided to try out a ton of ram.. I bought 8GB, and VOILA! Real time editing in premiere -- effects and everything... You don't need to render the timeline to see your work, and it runs absolutely stable like a dream... better than my MAC!

The ONLY drivers I can't find are for an HP Color Laserjet 1500, and a Logitech Webcam... No biggie there. Vista runs flawlessly, and you'll be really happy on it.

Moral of the story? You can't use more than 4gb ram on a 32 bit OS, (really no more than 3.6GB) and moving to 64-Bit OS makes the ram wide open... Add as much as you can afford, and enjoy editing video swiftly... forget the expensive video cards... Ram is cheaper.



Nov 20, 2009


Can a 32 bit application make use of RAM above the 3.6GByte limit when it's run on a 64 bit machine?



It depends - The application needs to have been programmed to take advantage of the additional address space. It's possible, though - In 64 bit Windows, a 32 bit App may reserve up to 4GB of address space for it's own usage. I would recommend contacting the maker of your chosen app for the specific details.

Just please understand that some older programs are written with the presumption they'll run on 32 bit XP, which has an OS limit of 2GB for application space. For these, even if you run them on a 64 bit OS they'll still only use 2GB. AFter all, the OS can't magically remove a limit of the source program.