xp pro 64 bit sp2 download from M$ is corrupted! Where can I get a copy?


Jul 15, 2015
The official M$ download site SP2 download is corrupted. I have tried FOUR TIMES to download this ~350mb software package. I have even used an archive repair package and tried a from to back and back to front repair of the archive file. No joy. Does anyone have a working file of Xp Pro 64 bit SP 2 or the rumored SP 3 upgrade package? I was able to find the actual W2000 SP 5 and install it on my W2000 systems. Yes, I keep archives of my software purchases from MS-DOS to the present. They come in handy when some company shows up with a need to get data from an old software package or database file. I have fixed a server for a company still using W2000 that never was connected to the www to begin with.
Just to check, you're downloading it from here?

I'm pulling it down, will tell you what it hashes out of be shortly.

They didn't make SP3 for x64 systems.

Did you get different hash values each time you downloaded it?

7f8e909c52d23ac8b5dbfd73f1f12d3ee0fe794c WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB914961-SP2-x64-ENU.exe

46d05ce174437a224c8a77047d010ae9 WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB914961-SP2-x64-ENU.exe
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