[SOLVED] [Z490] How to reset default monitor output in BIOS?

Aug 7, 2020
Hi, I accidentally set the default monitor output to PCIE2 in BIOS, this slot is currently unoccupied and as a result my monitor doesn't get any video. Can I somehow switch it back without removing the GPU to reset the CMOS battery?
I checked and the monitor is working fine, also the pc boots up ok because I hear windows sounds from it. I did try to discharge the pc by unplugging it and holding power button and I tried all of the available ports on the PC (HDMI and DP). I did these alterations in hopes of enabling my iGPU (now it's disabled and I'm probably too), but I changed my mind about that.
Related specs:
Mobo: Gigabyte Z490 ELITE AC
GPU: EVGA 2070 Super hybrid
iGPU: intel UHD 630