Z87 UD4H, showing the A6 code error, Brand new Build


Dec 4, 2012
I recently bought a new build
Mobo: Z87-UD4H Gigabyte
CPU: i5-4670k Haswell
VGA: Asus ROG 280x Matrix
etc..., which i don't know are necessary or not, please ask if you need to know the other components.
Anyway, just came home with my new build today, the guys who built it said that it was only assembled no software stuff, that the mobo's CMOS was cleared.
So i'm at the very start but i have a problem where the motherboard shows the error code A6 (Detect and install all currently connected SCSI devices), what i would like you guys to help me with is, what do i do now, this is my first time and i'm a little stupid with super technical stuff.
How can i fix the A6
When i start the computer the BIOS won't appear on the screen
Feel free to ask anything if i have left something out.

When i first start it, the Mobo also shows A2 (Detect/Install all IDE devices) > A9 (BIOS Setup is started) which i don't understand if nothing shows on the screen. > A6

Got it to go on the screen at least, took the VGA out and now it goes on the screen, will follow the instructions so wish me luck, however can anyone tell me when to put the VGA back in?