Question ZXHN H267A Port forwarding to 25565 is unsuccessful

Mar 13, 2022
I've been struggling this since last year, giving up in the end. I have followed a lot of tutorials both text and video based, yet to no avail.

This is the concurrent configuration.

Lan host is my current IPv4 address. The WAN Connection has four other choices: WAN_All ; Route_3G ; pppoe_tr and 3g
Yet, with all of the settings above seemingly true, I get this message on and other port checking sites.

I would really appreciate any kind of help with this.
So the simplest way to do the port forwarding is to use the DMZ option instead. It is not as secure since it in effect forwards all ports but it is a good first test .

If that does not work be sure the application is actually running on the port you think. Best test is to use a different machine on the lan and use the local IP to connect.

The other extremely common problem we see with people port forwarding is that they do not actually have a public IP. Check that the IP you see in your router assigned to the WAN port is the same as you see on sites like whatsmyip. If these are different you do not have a public IP and you will need to contact your ISP to see if there is any option to get one. Some will give it to you for free for asking, other charge extra per month, and some do not have enough IP to give you one.